• granello - original jewelry collections


    The jewelry collections "granello", 18 carat gold simple fine jewelires, often combined with several colors of gems. Lovely and unique jewelries, all hand-made, designed for daily use color your day brilliantly. "granello" means "grain" in Italian, "anello"(ring) is hidden in the word. Wishing that you can feel such small surprise in our jewelries,,,

  • wag house - sparkle works


    wag house web

    wag house is the basement and shop of granello installed her own atelier. It has been set up with her friend of fashion desinger since summer 2010, in her hometown Maebashi city. We handle not olny jewelries and clothes created at wag house, but also leather products, knitted bags, stationaries, etc. which are all hand made, very unique place to find your only one.

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