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    akiko ishida 1978年前橋生まれ
    外国語学部ドイツ語学科卒業後、オーストラリアに滞在中にジュエリーの魅力に感化され、帰国後働きながら彫金技術を学び始める。 2007年、イタリア・フィレンツェのMetalo Nobileにて本格的に制作技術を学ぶ。
    2009年にオリジナルブランドgranelloを立ち上げ、2010年自身の拠点となる工房兼ショップwag houseを前橋市郊外にオープン。


    akiko ishida - She was born in 1978, Maebashi city in Japan, after having got the bachelor's degree of foregin languages, having been fascinated by jewelries during her stay in Ausrtalia. And started to learn jewelry making on weekens, besides working as a translator. On 2007, started to learn it in full swing at jewelry school Metalo Nobile in Florence, Italy. Finishing her 1 year course, started her own jewelry brand "granello", and opened her basement shop, "wag house" installed her own atelier.
    Her jewelry class opened to the beginners at wag house is well-reputed.

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