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Mikazuki - crescent moon


Designed for the couple who can't wear rings all the time, but fit to pend from your neck, always together.

product no: MR005
available material:
K18 gold/platinum, diamonds, black diamonds
base size: W:#10.5 M:#18
price: W:130,000JPY~ M:210,000JPY~


sales on orders

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受注生産/ Sales on Orders



These rings are for sales on orders, only. Please choose the metal from K18 yellow, rose, white and platinum 900. And kindly let us know your size from here. We will estimate and contact you back in two business days. 3 weeks required until the shipping.

Custom Made



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wag house (ワグハウス)

Phone: 027-289-8929


For Overseas Customers;
Att: wag house (granello's atelier&shop)
5-4-8 Nishikatakai, Maebashi,
Gunma 371-0013 Japan

Phone: +81-272898929


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